Saturday, 21 April 2012

Sort Out Saturday!

Sadly not a beady day today, but the good news is that I've been able to move back into my bead room after the flat roof incident last week!  Briefly, at midnight last week I found myself having to wake up two very disgruntled teenagers to frantically move everything from the bead room into the sewing room as it was raining inside!  We now have a temporary roof so thankfully I could move back in there today and also left me no excuse not to actually clean it and sort it out, so it's now looking all neat and tidy again (it will NOT last).  Now it's a case of cleaning out the sewing room and getting some order into it now I have the space back.

Hoping to go through the folksy shop tonight ( and reorganise it a little and take a close look at the postage options, pricing is difficult enough but working out postage for each item is a nightmare!  So I'm thinking that what I'll do is send anything under a tenner 1st class post and anything over that 2nd class recorded delivery, as for international deliveries that's even more of a nightmare, hopefully it will all fall into place eventually lol.

Kids are back in college next week so the plan is to get the routine back and work like hell ready for our big craft show at the end of May.  It always seems like I have loads of time to get things done and then I realise that actually no I don't!  Nose to the grindstone from Monday!  Be nice to get back amongst my sparkly things.......

So that's it for today, catch you all tomorrow hopefully. x

*Update - it's taken me hours to update folksy - but that's one thing off my list!!

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