Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Mash Up

Well what a strange day, did my usual, went to bed exhausted, head hit the pillow, brain went into over-drive!  Consequently got up later than I planned lol  Went to my usual bead supplier to help Crafty Bird No.2 to choose some printed ribbon to use on her new range, LindiBears, exclusive, one of a kind mohair teddy bears. Bought some beads for my lil sister to use for her jewellery project, which in true Dozy Rosie fashion she left until the last minute, i.e. it has to be completed by Friday!!!  So dragged out the loom, gave a lightning quick tutorial to her and then left her to it lol. Finally I've spent the evening chasing one of the lunatic spaniels around the house as he steals everything in sight, so far tonight it's been the tv remote, cap of a coke bottle, a piece of hematite, 3 crystals and my shoe, he nearly had my iphone but lucky for him he thought better of it!  In between legging it round after the four legged fiend I've been trying to redesign my business logo, stupid folksy however give a really awkward size, so something that should only take an hour or so has taken me about 5!  I'm still not completely happy with it, but it's the best it's going to get for folksy I think.  Can't decide whether to bead or sew a new handbag tomorrow, think I'll see how the brain fares in the morning :-).  Night all!

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