Sunday, 8 July 2012

Just a quick post!

Well it's all go at 2 Crafty Birds - both myself and Crafty Bird No. 2 (aka Mum) are having major clear outs prior to the big shake up, I think we can safely say that our logo of 2 magpies is entirely apt!  Mum apparently has got rid of 16 bin bags of stuff from an 8 foot by 8 foot craft room and I've managed to collect 3 kilos of beads ready to sell in the great destash!  Listing that lot will be fun.  So nothing vaguely creative appears to have taken place and judging by the to do list, it's not likely to in the next week :-( However it's all in a good cause and we'll be back and cooking with gas with a new streamlined look and feel to the company in just a few short weeks :-)

Monday, 2 July 2012

Business is........

deathly quiet!!! Still trying to reorganise everything, get on top of listings, sort out my stash and now this week we have a small school fayre and a business course to attend, on top of which I just realised that my previous business is still registered with HMRC, the new one isn't and I've forgotten my log in details lol.  When someone invents a new day in the week or at least a few more hours in the day my life will be so much easier!  Feels like my brain is chock full of different ideas and tasks to do, one more thing and I'm sure I'll just explode.  Might just have to write a list to remember it all.  Hopefully it'll all settle down by next week and I can start getting back into a routine or at least something that resembles one lol.  Haven't created a great deal in the past few days, just a felted frog and sheep ready to go onto calico bags, a pencil case and what appears to be a lot of mess!  Ah well, no rest for the wicked!