Monday, 23 April 2012

Itty Bitty day!

Today is one of the days where I seem to be here, there n everywhere yet have accomplished very little!  I've been manically trying to find my way around Google+ - don't even go there, setting up a shop on Etsy - nothing listed but hey I have a shop, trying to find customised woven sew in labels - took me an hour but got there eventually and dealing with the trauma of a doomed teenage love affair.  Have I actually made anything? 'Ave I eck!!  Oh and I've partially made a website, but very half heartedly lol.  I really must get some work done but somehow I think it's more likely to be EastEnders, catch up on The Voice n bed :-)

One thing that I have accomplished, albeit in the wee small hours is a handbag, I only started sewing 3 weeks ago so I'm very pleased with this, still a few niggles to iron out but all in all a tidy effort.


  1. Lovely bag! Great job! I ony started sewing 4 months ago myself. I like your blog, its friendly and easy to read. Zoe

  2. Thanks Zoe, finding it quite difficult to write, but shall persevere with it. I was pleased with bag, few tweaks and I should have a saleable model. I always swore I'd never touch a sewing machine having been kicked out of needlework class for being so hopeless lol