Friday, 20 April 2012

If it was Monday, it'd be Manic Monday!

Well this is my first attempt at blogging, but given that I was no good at keeping a diary, there's no guarantee I'll be any better at this!  So for now I'll just introduce myself and 2 Crafty Birds in general.

So, 2 Crafty Birds are essentially a mother and daughter collaboration, one of whom has been sewing and crafting for a long time and one who's relatively new to it.  I started doing strung jewellery about 16 months ago and discovered I had a bit of a flair for it.  I've now moved away from stringing so much and now turn my hand to seed bead weaving, the smaller the bead the better!  I've also just started sewing, making luscious home furnishings and handbags (this from the girl who swore she'd never touch a sewing machine!).  My mum is a self-confessed teddy bear addict and so she provides the handmade, one of a kind teddy bears that you can find in our folksy shop - I introduced her recently to the joys of polymer clay and she's now busy making one of a kind bear figurines as well - I get the wonderful job of photographing them all!

Not sure where this blog will take us, I suspect it will be a mix of the crafting we do, coupled with anecdotes about the utterly insane springer spaniels I live with, one of whom has a nasty habit of hoovering up any dropped beads including Swarovski Crystals!!

So that's it for today, hopefully I'll remember to post again tomorrow, but let me ease in gently folks lol

Ta-ta for now!

Crafty Bird No. 1

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