Saturday, 28 April 2012


I guess technically it's Sunday morning now, so I'm a little late with this blog.  I blame this entirely on my brother dragging me out to a rock club til the wee small hours!  Which after a night on the vodka with my lovely mate is probably a step too far and I will end up paying for it for about a week lol.  I did however achieve something crafty today, I made a polymer clay button.  And I intend making a lot more.  I kind of like Fimo but never really been interested in making beads from it, but buttons - marvellous.  I can never find the ones I like and get impatient trawling through shop after shop so from now on I shall make my own.  I might even make some to sell once I get the hang of the damn canes!  Anyhow that's it for now, I is very tired and will probably feel much worse in a few hours - night/morning all!

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