Thursday, 26 April 2012

No........step away from the loom!! I did some work! Not much but at least I got some done.  The back of my mind is shrieking "the show is 3 weeks away, work damn you!" but the front of my mind is thinking "hmmm, I think I'll just pop on the laptop for a minute".  The trials and tribulations of my little sisters loom project continued today as she threaded her loose ends through.......kind of.  Trying to teach someone loom work and then have a completed piece in 3 days is really not a good thing, still we eventually finished about 9.30 this evening, it's going in tomorrow so hopefully that will be the end of that! I found myself wondering about bead embroidery today, I love seed bead weaving as it is, so it might be something I have a closer look at, maybe try out a cuff bracelet, I've been fiddling around with a design idea on publisher so who knows.....I really wish I could draw at times like this, I have so many ideas going around my head but no way of getting them graphically down on paper :-(  Tomorrow I shall be attempting a clutch bag, I've got some gorgeous hot pink fabric and some silver lining fabric, so I'm thinking it's going to be pretty stunning, bit trial and error as I've not made one before, but watch this space as they say, maybe a pic on here tomorrow.  Right that's it, time for bed or I'll be fit for nothing tomorrow (no change there then!).  Night, night.

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