Thursday, 28 June 2012

Computer says Nooooooo!!

Well what a day!  Far from being creative and getting more beads destashed and listed on Folksy, I've spent hours trying to rip out a horrendous virus from my sons computer.  Just a warning if you get a box pop up that looks very legitimate called Data Recovery, it most definitely is a virus, do NOT click anything!  Instead pop over to and just follow the instructions.  You might find that you're locked out of starting in safe mode, in which case switch your pc off halfway through loading up and then reboot, it should then give you the option to start in safe mode.  The saga is not quite over for us unfortunately as their screen keeps kicking off and forcing us to restart every 15 mins!!!  Looks like I'm in for a very long night :-(

On a crafty note, I ordered the botany selection from World of Wool (selection of wool tops from their waste products) and they're fabulous!  The felt is currently reduced to 1.75 a metre as a well, bargain!  Hopefully I'll get to do something tomorrow with it, in the meantime, this is a bag I finished a couple of weeks ago, I absolutely love it, so meet George the needle felted owl!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Oooo I've been neglectful!!

Just realised it's been ages since I posted a blog (mind you I said at the beginning that I struggled to keep a diary...), whoops!

So the story so far, well we did the big show in Cardiff City Stadium in May.  It was a bit of a mixed bag really, the first event of this kind run at the venue so there were some teething problems, usual thing of too many jewellery stalls, resellers sneaking in etc but we made our fees back so I think we'll probably do it again.  We've done a couple of smaller fayres, but to be honest I think we'll knock them on the head, unless you're selling stuff for under a fiver they don't tend to go very well, more's the pity.  It's prompted us to have a bit of a rethink about our business venture and some big decisions have been made.

Essentially we've decided that we've been trying to do too much, as in too much variation in the things that we make, which is leading our stalls to look far too cluttered and jumbled up.  So what we've decided to do is to still keep 2 Crafty Birds as one over-arching business but with separate brands on separate sites, so we'll end up with the LindiBears brand (mums mohair artist bears) with their own exclusive website and I'm going to ditch the fashion jewellery and concentrate on more of a niche product line, primarily bead weaving and bead embroidery.

If we do any fayres, then we are more likely to just stick to the fabric crafts for those, smaller ticket items such as needle felted tote bags, handbags, aprons and the dreaded bunting (sorry but I loathe and detest the stuff!!!)  So with all that in mind, I'm busy sorting through my bead stash and listing it on Folksy - currently got some miracle beads, copper coloured beads and some beautiful shell pendants listed on there at far lower prices than some of the stuff you can get on Ebay and if you combine an order you only get charged an extra 20p postage!

So that's it work wise at the moment, oh apart from a small business course that we're on next week, which I'm looking forward to but my mother is dreading lol - keep telling her she can't just do the fun bits lol

In my other life, the kids have finished their first year in college, have signed up for year 2 (that was a relief I can tell you), Hamish McBeth (aka scruffy spaniel) has managed to steal 2 balls of felting wool, whilst Harri Mac (aka kleptomaniac spaniel) has just about stolen everything else, including a felting needle which I found him carrying around in his mouth earlier on.  Normal service resumed then!