Saturday, 22 December 2012

It's the end of the world as we know it.......or possibly not!

So......this is the last post of the year from 2 Crafty Birds and I feel it will be a bit of a reflection on the year just gone.

So the things I have learned:

1) I can sew!
2) I can sew quite well!
3) The vast majority of crafty folk are fantabulous and ever so slightly bonkers
4) Booking a craft fair 3 days before Christmas is the stupidest idea ever
5) Generally anyone that's negative about what you do, cannot do what you do, they just like the sound of their own voice!
6) Running your own business is damn hard, exhausting, leaves you with no social life, money or anything else but is infinitely better than anything else
7) Fabric glue sticks rock (thanks Handmade By Mrs H)
8) Putting pins in on an angle does mean less breakages (again thanks Mrs H)
9) My sewing machine hates upholstery fabric
10) I hate shot taffeta
11) Spray starch is my best friend (Mrs H again!)
12) Outside craft fairs are a bad idea, especially given the British weather!
13) My mum rocks!
14) My mad spaniels will eat absolutely anything, including gloves, zips, magnetic snaps and cotton reels
15) My kids are the best and make me proud every day
16) There really aren't enough hours in the day and Christmas starts in July when you're a crafter!
17) Strictly Come Dancing = too much ice cream and chocolate and is very bad for your health but Artem more than makes up for it!
18) Singing the Proclaimers at the top of your voice tends to give you a very sore throat
19) Sleep is good but at this time of year very scarce!
20) The end of the world didn't happen, I'm still here, 2 Crafty Birds lives to fight another year! Yay!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!