Friday, 27 April 2012

Early Bird....

Get me being all sensible - off over to a friends tonight to hit the vodka and celebrate the first official sale on Folksy - twas a small, but very welcome one!  Figured if I post now, then my usual tendency to talk absolute drivel (ok worse absolute drivel) when slightly merry will be headed off!  So today I posted out my first sale, must put my postage costs up and then proceeded to cut out a pattern for a clutch bag.  The cutting out went ok, the sewing however was a disaster, ended up sewing the wrong end twice in half hour and haven't even attempted to fit the wadding yet.  I did however managed to put in a magnetic snap, so I'm proud of that if nothing else lol.  Whether I'll be able to complete the bag tomorrow (the vodka may just halt that) is another thing.......


  1. Well done on your Folksy sale hope you get many more!

  2. I'm so sorry, I'm rubbish at this blogging thing, have only just seen your comment! Hoping the sales fairy will come a'knocking soon, although I think she's gone on holiday lol