Thursday, 28 June 2012

Computer says Nooooooo!!

Well what a day!  Far from being creative and getting more beads destashed and listed on Folksy, I've spent hours trying to rip out a horrendous virus from my sons computer.  Just a warning if you get a box pop up that looks very legitimate called Data Recovery, it most definitely is a virus, do NOT click anything!  Instead pop over to and just follow the instructions.  You might find that you're locked out of starting in safe mode, in which case switch your pc off halfway through loading up and then reboot, it should then give you the option to start in safe mode.  The saga is not quite over for us unfortunately as their screen keeps kicking off and forcing us to restart every 15 mins!!!  Looks like I'm in for a very long night :-(

On a crafty note, I ordered the botany selection from World of Wool (selection of wool tops from their waste products) and they're fabulous!  The felt is currently reduced to 1.75 a metre as a well, bargain!  Hopefully I'll get to do something tomorrow with it, in the meantime, this is a bag I finished a couple of weeks ago, I absolutely love it, so meet George the needle felted owl!

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