Sunday, 13 May 2012

Ok, so now I'm panicking!  We have just under two weeks til the "big show" and I am nowhere near ready!!!  Not helped by the fact that I've had to overhaul the shop banners, got stuck into promoting like a demon, am waiting for the launch of The CraftStar shop and the house is in such dire need of cleaning that I think even the ants are going to move out in disgust!  I've also got to redo the weekly photos as they were shocking, so that will be this afternoons job I think, then it's onto finishing the embroidered broach and hopefully get the earrings started that popped into my head at 4.30am (ggrrrr).

On a more calm note, the items I have finished............

The stripey bag and the flower bag are the same bag, it's reversible.  I'm really pleased with these :-)  They're a good size too, with squared corners so you can fit loads in :-)

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